author's furniture

2019 was the beginning of a new steep stage in the development of studio. The first collections of designer furniture were created: AIR, BAGEL, SLIM. The first cooperation with furniture brands from Novosibirsk and Moscow took place.
Although these furniture collections were the first, sales showed their success. I am very pleased that Russian interior designers love domestic author's furniture and complete projects with our items.

If you are a furniture factory or a brand that is interested in collaborating with a subject designer, please contact us.
Author's furniture

An object designer who designs designer furniture

Designer furniture created for unique people

In the environment of furniture production, there is a need for object designers who are capable of developing unique furniture that is not inferior in design to European nonsense. At the same time, we see that finding a furniture designer is a difficult task for factories and brands.

There are isolated examples of successful collaborations between product designers and manufacturers, but they are quite few. In order for a furniture brand to decide to find and order a custom design for cabinet or upholstered furniture, you need to have a lot of courage and perseverance. Many never take steps in this direction, guided by fears and lack of experience working with a furniture designer.

Our value is that we show a high level of design execution that can actually be put into mass production. One of the principles that guides us when designing is: "design must be implementable." This means that it is important for us that the idea can be technically implemented, and not just draw another beautiful table, sofa or console.

Another important factor in the successful implementation of the project is the close work of the furniture designer and the production technologist. The overall result depends on how the technologist is configured, on his desire to find sometimes a non-standard solution. While working on his part of the project, it is important for the designer to remember the technological components and production capabilities.
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