Anna Ignatenko

Founder and Lead Designer

Order an apartment or house design project

What is important to know when contacting a designer for an apartment project

◦ Designer's portfolio

The first thing to do when choosing an apartment designer is to carefully study his portfolio. And honestly answer the question: how close are design projects to me in general. If you are hooked on some project but you want to order an interior in a different style, this may become a problem when coordinating the first visualizations.

◦ Repair budget

In our experience, the cost of apartment design and renovation often equals or exceeds the cost of an apartment or house. If your budget is much smaller, you should look for other offers on the market. We consider it important to say this in advance in order to avoid situations when "the designer has painted a beautiful interior but cannot afford to implement it."

◦ Interior style

When ordering an interior design, increase your viewing experience. Create a selection of interior solutions that you like the most. This will greatly help the designer when writing a design specification. It is not necessary to go into the names of styles, it is enough to collect your favorite interiors and solutions in them.

◦ Author's supervision and support

A service whose value is well understood by a qualified customer who has previously ordered interior design. All work related to communications with builders, contractors, suppliers of furniture and finishing materials is undertaken by the designer. This saves a lot of time and especially nerves. Due to inexperience, the customer cannot know all the nuances, and the cost of mistakes can be very high.

◦ Interior configuration

The process of purchasing everything necessary to implement the design of the house as it was conceived. Get the best prices from suppliers, calculate the correct amount of tiles, parquet and other materials, and control delivery times. All this is done by the designer and his team. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the service of completing a design project, because you do not waste your time on it. By completing the interior yourself, in fact, you create another place of work for yourself)
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