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    What will you find on my blog? Well, first of all, I like to share my ideas. I am writing about how to make a real cozy house out of a standard apartment using interesting colors, unusual materials and even ordinary things that can be found in any store.

    Secondly, I like non-standard solutions. You don't always have to follow standards and rules - often the most interesting ideas come to mind when you break these rules. Therefore, in my blog you will find many unusual ideas that will help make your home truly unique.

    I also like to joke and have fun. Therefore, in my blog you will find not only useful tips, but also funny stories from my life, as well as various curiosities and ridiculous situations related to interior design.

    In general, if you are looking for something new and non-standard in the world of interior design, then my blog is exactly what you need!

    Thirdly, in my blog you will find many useful tips that will help you not only create a beautiful interior design, but also make it not too expensive. After all, not everyone can afford to hire professional designers, right? Therefore, I will tell you how you can do everything yourself using the available materials and tools.

    And in my blog you will find many interesting ideas for decorating your home for the holidays. What could be better than a cozy house filled with an atmosphere of celebration and joy? I will share with you not only my own ideas, but also findings from the Internet and other sources.

    And of course, I can't help but mention the interesting and unusual projects that I have implemented in my practice. After all, interior design is not only theory, but also practice, and often the most interesting ideas come to mind in the process of working on a project.

    Well, have I convinced you that my blog is not just another design resource, but a real storehouse of interesting ideas and useful tips? Then feel free to visit my website and let's make your home more beautiful and cozy together!

    Fifth, in my blog you will find many secrets that will help you create the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. After all, an interior designer is not only beautiful pictures and harmonious color combinations, but also the ability to create spaces that will be comfortable for life.

    I also really like to experiment with styles. In my blog you will find many examples of how you can mix different styles to create something completely unique and inimitable. Well, or at least get a lot of pleasure from the process of experimentation.

    Well, if you are still not sure whether to visit my blog, then I can tell you that I have a very cute cat that is often present in my photos. Well, if that's not a reason to visit my site, then I don't know what can convince you.

    So don't hesitate, visit my blog and let's create a wonderful and cozy home together!
    Russia, Novosibirsk, Sakko and Vancetti, 77