author's supervision

Designer's support of the repair and construction process

What tasks does the author's supervision solve?

The author's supervision solves the following tasks:
- Quality control of materials and components
- Control of compliance of the completed works with the interior design project
- Monitoring compliance with work deadlines

    Who carries out the author's supervision?

    The author's supervision is carried out by the designer who developed the interior design project. This can be either the designer himself or his designated representative. However, in some cases, the customer may hire an independent supervising engineer to monitor the implementation of the project.

    How is the author's support?

    The author's supervision begins after the interior design project has been approved by the customer and the corresponding acceptance certificate has been signed. The designer regularly visits the facility where work is being carried out and monitors the completion of all stages of the project. If necessary, the designer makes adjustments to the project.

    Why do we need supervision?

    It is important that the approved ideas in the design project correspond to what the finishers and builders have done. Otherwise, there is a great risk of getting a result that is very different from the agreed apartment project.

    Guarantees compliance of the interior design project with the designer's idea and the customer's wishes

    One of the main principles of interior design is to create a unique atmosphere that meets the wishes and needs of the customer. The supervision of the author helps to ensure that all the ideas of the project will be fulfilled. In addition, the author's supervision allows you to control the quality of work, and influence it. Builders often accuse the designer of having painted something that is not possible to implement. However, with close communication, solutions can always be found.

    Helps to ensure high quality of work and control deadlines

    The author's supervision allows you to control the implementation of all stages of the project at the construction site. The customer ordering this service saves a huge amount of his time and saves even more nerves. Controlling contractors during apartment renovation is not an easy task, since many different specialists and companies are involved in the construction site.

    It allows you to quickly respond to possible problems and make adjustments to the project

    One of the main advantages of author supervision is the ability to respond to complexities and make amendments to the design project.


    Author supervision is an important process that helps to ensure the high quality of an interior design project. It allows you to manage all stages of the project, ensuring compliance with the designer's idea. In addition, the author's supervision helps to quickly respond to possible problems and make changes to the project, which makes it more effective.
    What is author's supervision in interior design?
    Author's supervision is the process of monitoring the implementation of an apartment interior design project, which was created by the designer. During the supervision of the designer, the designer ensures that all the details of the project are executed in accordance with his ideas and the requirements of the customer.

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