Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Answers to popular questions about the design of apartments and houses


If I don't like the created design?
For 15 years of creating interiors, we have always found a solution in the most difficult situations. The stages of the work are designed so that you can see how the design will look in real life, thanks to high-quality photo-realistic 3D visualizations.
How to decide on the style of the apartment? It's hard for me to decide which one suits me
During the briefing, we show many examples of interior styles to increase your viewing experience. This helps to accurately identify your taste preferences.
Why is it better to choose your builders?
You can hire a construction crew yourself. However, experience shows that not every team can cope with a premium facility, as high qualifications are needed. Since we specialize in the design of housing in the upper price segment, we work with trusted builders who give predictable results.
How much do interior designer services cost?
The price of residential interior design services depends on the area of the room, the chosen style and individual characteristics. The cost of services ranges from 2,500 to 4,000 rubles per sq.m.
What are the deadlines for the development of interior design?
The deadline for the completion of an apartment or house project is fixed in the contract and depends on: the speed of coordination of options, loading the design studio with other projects. As a rule, the design takes from 6 to 18 weeks.
Why do I need a design project if the builders tell me everything?
Builders will usually fulfill all your wishes in an effort to please. The designer can also dissuade you from ideas that can turn into expensive problems. The designer sees a solution to the problem if the builder understands how to implement the idea in the project. Therefore, the builder must work in tandem with the designer.

Stages of design project development


Contacting the studio and the first meeting


Departure for measurements and briefing of the customer



Development of layouts for all rooms


Creating a 3D visualization


Designing drawings of premises
Creating a design concept



Complete set of furniture and equipment


Author's supervision of the project implementation
Approval of the final version of the design
Send a request on the website or call us
We are leaving to take all the necessary measurements and make a briefing
Contacting the studio and the first meeting
You get options for design concepts with furniture placement
You get photorealistic visualizations of your future interior
We provide a complete set of working documentation for builders
Delivery of a complete project with visualizations and project documentation
We help you get the best prices from suppliers and save your time
Author's support and supervision of builders for compliance with the project
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