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We have prepared design concepts for furniture factories that you can purchase. Each concept contains a source file, drawings, and a technical note for production.
modular ZEFIR tables
50 000
STONE dining table
70 000
bedside tables GRACE
70 000
FLOAT coffee table
55 000
BUTTERFLY dining table
70 000

An offer for furniture factories from a furniture designer

If you are a representative of a production, factory or furniture brand, you can purchase ready-made furniture design concepts from us. We see many copies of Italian brands on the market and believe that the most "eco-friendly" way to develop the furniture market is the production of unique products, and not blind copying of foreign design with the excuse "because they buy".

Each of our concepts has been worked out in detail so that your technologist can easily figure out and produce a sample that can later be mass-produced. We indicate the overall dimensions and features of the nodes. We describe separately the materials from which the furniture is made. The set of documents includes all source and working files.

When ordering the design of cabinet furniture from us, you can count on subsequent consultations with the designer if you have any questions about the production technology. In addition, if you have not found a suitable item in this section, you can order furniture design individually. We will create an item or a whole collection of furniture according to your technical assignment.
The domestic furniture design market is in a very rudimentary state. It is quite difficult to find an object designer for a furniture brand. And most companies do not have any experience of cooperation with furniture designers. Therefore, we have created a separate section on the site where we sell cabinet furniture design.

So, we want to help factories that are ready to launch their design, expand the range and reach another level of business development. The purchase of concepts is accompanied by a contract and an act of transfer of exclusive manufacturing rights.

The set of documents contains:
- Source files of visualizations
- Technical note for the technologist
- Diagrams indicating overall dimensions and materials
- 3D model
What we offer to furniture brands
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